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IWIMED Guidelines The information portal for doctors and patients

Our guidelines are always kept up to date and available for you 24/7

Welcome to IWIMED

The information portal for doctors and patients

My name is Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen and I lead the medical team that publishes the guidelines on this portal.

Our aim is to treat illnesses based on evidence-based medicine and also to give patients the opportunity to read up on and understand the treatment of their illness. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.


Guidelines in preparation for you


of the most common diseases

What is IWIMED?

Institute for Worldwide Information Transfer in MEDicine

IWIMED was founded with the clear goal of bringing evidence-based medicine to the furthest corners of the earth, up-to-date and well defined. What IWIMED does in detail, explains Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen in this video.

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