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Our mission: With us, patients will find the right answers

IWIMED creates guidelines for almost all diseases and takes evidence-based medicine as the basis for this. As tempting as the financial injections from the pharmaceutical industry are, IWIMED remains true to itself and creates the guidelines with its team of doctors free of any interference.

  • evidence based
  • without the pharmaceutical industry
  • highly qualified team of doctors
  • Available 24/7

You can find the entire history of IWIMED here.


IWIMED offers this to patients and doctors

On IWIMED, patients and doctors can find guidelines for the most common diseases. These guidelines are 100% constructed off of evidence-based medicine and are not influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. IWIMED is thus also the first company in the German-speaking region to make the guidelines available on the Internet free of charge. In addition to the guidelines for doctors, there are also appropriate patient guidelines, where patients can find information free of complex medical terms. The guidelines are of course revised annually and kept up to date on the basis of the findings of evidence-based medicine.

The IWIMED quality standard

Doctors continue to educate themselves during the course of their careers, but nobody is able to memorize everything, especially since their studies and what they learned are often decades ago. We thus offer doctors the opportunity to keep up to date via our portal. Patients have the opportunity to obtain general information about the treatment of their illness or to speak to their doctor about our evidence-based treatment.

  • We ensure the quality of the content
  • We take our work seriously
  • We'll keep you up to date
Stefan Reicho
Mag. Stefan Reicho
Sigfried Leitner
Mag . Siegfried Leitner


The IWIMED team consists of a harmonious mixture of qualified doctors, management and development. The two managing directors Mag. Siegfried Leitner and Mag. Stefan Reicho lead this great team.

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