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IWIMED (Institute for Worldwide Information Transfer in MEDicine) was founded with the clear goal of bringing evidence-based medicine to the furthest corners of the earth in an up-to-date and clearly prepared manner.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the most conscientious, explicit, and reasonable use of the best external scientific evidence currently available for making decisions in the medical care of individual patients. EBM practice means the integration of individual clinical expertise with the best available external evidence from systematic research.

In order to achieve this, the company consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Medical / scientific team
  2. Digital / technical team
  3. Strategy / management

When I was writing my thesis on the economic management of medical practice in cooperation with the Tyrolean Medical Association in 1990, I stumbled upon terms such as minute medicine, advanced training, practice software, and much more during my research.

Even back then, the doctor's scarcest good was the subject of "time". In the time available to him, the doctor has to look after his patients, manage a company, and continuously train himself to be up to date. And that wasn't so easy even then.

In the last few decades, however, the quantity and complexity of medical knowledge have exploded - and the trend is still increasing.

Approximately 100,000 medical publications are currently published each month.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci, who was considered a genius and polymath and knew most of the knowledge of that time, would need structures today that would enable him to gain knowledge out of the prevailing information tsunami,

  • to recognize real innovations and to apply them correctly
  • Identify pseudo-innovations and mark them as such
  • Finding and eliminating misinformation.

And that's exactly what IWIMED is working on. From the large number of publications, IWIMED identifies those that correspond to the guidelines of evidence-based medicine and, in a second step, incorporates them into the medical guidelines created by its scientific team, which are thus constantly updated.

Our scientific and digital/technical team work closely together so that these guidelines can be used efficiently and effectively by the doctor in the presence of the patient. The result is well-structured, easy-to-use, constantly updated medical guidelines that can be worked with quickly.

From the patient's point of view, there is a lot of health information on the Internet, but this is where the questions arise. Is that what it says

  • Serious?
  • Understandable for a patient?
  • Helpful for the doctor / patient discussion?
  • Out of date, harmful or ineffective?

IWIMED also addresses these questions. In addition to the guidelines for doctors, we also offer guidelines for patients. These should be made available to the patient in understandable, "non-medical" language. Updated guidelines that are understandable for patients are also helpful for doctor-patient discussions.

IWIMED only offers evidence-based medical information in this system, with no influence from the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to be able to finance our independent service, we have therefore decided to offer our offer in two versions:

Version 1

  • Financed by advertising, but without advertising from the pharmaceutical industry. The advantage is that the reader can consume our valuable information for free if he accepts advertisements.

Version 2

  • Paid, but free of any advertising

The IWIMED team wishes you health and hopes to help you stay or become healthy.

Mag. Stefan Reicho

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