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Step Therapy

There are five steps of asthma therapy. Every time you talk to your doctor, you should make a note of the level at which you are currently being treated. Then, based on your current symptoms, a decision is made whether the therapy should be continued, intensified ("STEP UP") or reduced ("STEP DOWN").

  • In the case of "STEP DOWN" you should be treated according to the next stage lower in the future.
  • In the case of "STEP UP" you should in future be treated according to the next stage higher.

If you are not symptom-free after 3-6 months of treatment according to level 5, your doctor should refer you to a specialist asthma clinic!

Prof. a.D. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen

Andreas Sönnichsen

Head of the Department of General Medicine and Family Medicine, Center for Public Health, Medical University of Vienna

Prof. a.D. Dr.

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