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Step 1

In step 1, in addition to general non-drug measures, two drugs are used, which are taken together as an inhalation spray if necessary:

  • A low-dose medication containing cortisone, e.g. budesonide. This medication is intended to permanently stabilize your bronchi and to heal allergic or inflammatory processes.
  • A long-acting bronchodilator medication such as formoterol. This medication eliminates your asthmatic breathing difficulties. However, it is a purely symptomatic medication.

Both medications are only taken as a combination inhalation spray when symptoms occur.

Alternatively, a cortisone spray can be combined with a short-acting agent to expand the bronchi and taken if necessary.

If you have no more symptoms for 3 months, you can take a break in therapy.

If your symptoms do not improve or only improve slightly, treatment is carried out according to step 2.

Prof. a.D. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen

Andreas Sönnichsen

Head of the Department of General Medicine and Family Medicine, Center for Public Health, Medical University of Vienna

Prof. a.D. Dr.

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