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Asthma and the corona virus infection "COVID"

The good news first!

Bronchial asthma is not one of the typical high-risk diseases of dying from the corona virus disease COVID-19!

At the moment it is unclear whether asthma promotes infection or even makes it less likely. In any case, you should heed the following advice:

  • Continue your drug-based asthma therapy unchanged even during the corona crisis.
  • Be sure to attend the scheduled check-ups.
  • Develop an emergency asthma management plan with your doctor so that you can help yourself as best as possible if it worsens.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene (wash your hands)
  • Avoid contact with people with respiratory infections (this doesn't just apply to COVID-19!)
  • As far as possible, avoid unmanageable gatherings of people in closed rooms
  • Wear the mouth and nose protection where there is an increased risk of infection (subway, narrow rooms with many people)
  • Avoid using nebulizers as it is unclear whether they can help spread viruses.
  • Do not share inhalers or asthma sprays with other people / family members who also suffer from asthma, as this promotes the transmission of infections (this does not only apply to COVID-19!).
  • Avoid having pulmonary function tests in the doctor's office, especially if you have signs of a respiratory infection yourself.

There is no need to isolate yourself completely. You are allowed to pursue all usual activities and hobbies.

Prof. a.D. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen

Andreas Sönnichsen

Head of the Department of General Medicine and Family Medicine, Center for Public Health, Medical University of Vienna

Prof. a.D. Dr.

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